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Antony has over 25 years' experience of Sports Conditioning, Fitness Training, Weight Lifting, Body Building, Injury Rehabilitation & Life Coaching

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"This is where you start to make a difference, a difference you can feel, see and use to improve your life. With a vast amount of experience in the many and varied fields of fitness, life coaching, nutrition, diet, injury rehabilitation, exercise & weight training, Antony can and will show you the way to the results, improvements and gains that you have always wanted."

 Studio/gym, outdoor, or your own home
Full liability insurance
REPs qualified, levels 2 & 3
Nutrition and diet Advice
Training and exercise programmes
Life coaching
London based for local Clients
Providing virtual/online services 
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Antony's vision and promise

“Having a personal trainer is a luxury. Whatever a person’s budget I am always vigilant in making the best of my client's session time and training.  I've always understood that a persons' choice to use a personal trainer is actually a choice to invest in themselves. I respect this decision and in turn take my responsibilities to my clients very seriously. I have over 19 years' valuable experience and many happy clients I am proud to have worked with.  Helping people achieve their goals and improve their physical & mental wellbeing as well as their health and ability is my genuine goal. “


I have been training with Antony for the past 2 years. As a woman in her 60’s I have found his carefully planned, holistic style of training has transformed my body and my approach to my general health and well-being. Each training session is tailored to my needs. His exercise programme focuses on strengthening and toning the body and burning calories. I look forward to my weekly training sessions with Antony as each session is different taking me to new challenging steps in my journey to good health. I would recommend Antony as he is not only an excellent knowledgeable trainer but is extremely amiable, and a pleasure to work with.

—  B. Thanni

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