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Antony has over 19 years' experience of sports conditioning, fitness training, weight lifting, body building, injury rehabilitation and life coaching

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K. Hayward 

'Antony is incredibly professional and explains fully why we are doing the exercises we are, how I will benefit from them and how to continue doing them in my own time. I have had several personal trainers before but I felt I learnt more from Antony than any of the others combined.  Antony goes out of his way to allow me to train very early in the morning. Far earlier than I’m sure he likes to! He always fits around me and on occasions the nature of my job means I have to cancel a session last minute, but Antony always suggests another time in the day for me to train rather than cancel the session altogether.'

E. Grace 

'This is the third trainer I have used and Antony is by far the best. He is very easy to get on with and not only motivates me in the gym but also in more far-reaching ways. From watching what I eat to taking enough rest. He has motivated me and I can definitely feel and see the difference.'

P. Church

"Expect results - results you can see in the mirror and results that your friends will notice. Antony has a remarkable ability to inspire you to a greater level of strength and fitness than you might ever have imagined for yourself. He doesn't intimidate you or use some lame army drill technique. Each session just seems to build on the one before. I'd been going to the gym for years. I'd reached a certain plateau and had settled into a pretty stale, maintenance routine."

R. Mcooty 

"Antony is the perfect example of a personal trainer. He’s friendly, knows fitness inside out and has the ability to motivate and help to get the best results for you. Never pushy or in a rush- this is the kind of personalised service that others wish they could deliver."

M. Forsyth

"Antony has been passionate and dedicated in helping me get into the best possible shape. We have trained together for five years, and he has all the characteristics you would wish for in a great PT. 


Over the years my goals have changed, and Anthony seamlessly adapts our workouts to fit in with my work schedule and fitness aspirations. Initially, we needed to train around injuries. My goals then adjusted to increase my endurance and upper body strength for swimming. We are currently working on a programme to get me in condition for running. 


I'm quickly bored, so continually having new challenges and exercises makes coming to the gym more interesting. It doesn't matter if I'm training at 7 am or 8 pm Antony is always really upbeat and focused on making sure I get the most out of each session. 


I've no hesitation in recommending Antony to you no matter what your fitness goals are."

S. Okeke

"I have been training for years and thought I knew all there is to training.  But after meeting and training with Antony for few months I have increased in strength, my endurance, my technique and my body has greatly improved hitting targets that have always evaded me in the past. Antony dealt with every movement with utmost precision. Personally, I never liked training with a training partner let alone a personal trainer but Antony came highly recommend and his professionalism,  knowledge, considerable psychological understanding down to his understanding of body types along with his attention to detail, ranging from diet to my overall training routine was impressive.  He quickly identified how to get the best out of me so ultimately I was able to put the best of me into my training.” 

B. Thanni

"I have been training with Antony for the past 2 years. As a woman in her 60’s I have found his carefully planned, holistic style of training has transformed my body and my approach to my general health and well-being. Each training session is tailored to my needs. His exercise programme focuses on strengthening and toning the body and burning calories. I look forward to my weekly training sessions with Antony as each session is different taking me to new challenging steps in my journey to good health. I would recommend Antony as he is not only an excellent knowledgeable trainer but is extremely amiable, and a pleasure to work with."

P. Taylor

"Antony is an exceptional trainer. Truly 'dedicated to your goals,' in every session his focus is 100% on you. This fosters a hard-working and supportive environment which has seen me make gains I could only have dreamt of. His knowledge of exercises and programming is extensive, making for new challenges whilst always keeping things fresh, ensuring optimum results with a keen eye to safety. In all this Antony delivers his training with clarity and in a language, you’ll understand. With his positive energy and enthusiasm, you can’t help but respond in equal measure when training with him in the gym, the benefits of which stretch way beyond. A consummate professional, I should also say he has a wicked sense of humour!"

I. Stanlake

“Antony is professional in his approach and attitude.  


Whilst his training sessions are planned in advance he has the ability to adjust sessions as required to reflect my energy levels, particularly after a long day in the office.


Antony has a strong focus on form, making sure you do things correctly, thereby preventing injury.


Overall, a genuinely nice guy and an absolute pleasure to train with”.

M. Weston

"Antony is a five star personal trainer.  When he is in a session with you he is 100% focused on your goals.


He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all aspects of fitness, weight training and aerobic work, nutrition, sleep and all aspects of wellbeing.  

If you start training with Antony you will have access to this  and he will give you all he has  to help you achieve great results.  

He is also realistic about life’s pressures and            sometimes gently helps to overcome              setbacks and avoid catastrophic thinking about the set backs.  In other words he puts things into perspective.

If you are considering investing in yourself and want to achieve being your healthiest, fittest self then Antony is the trainer for you"

C. Mills

"I’ve been training with Antony for 10 years.  Unlike other trainers Antony makes you feel like you are his only client.  He takes an interest in you  that extends beyond the hour together in the gym.


  Because of this approach he tailors programmes and individual sessions around what you need at that time, always with a mind on your complete wellbeing. 


In addition to my standard fitness training programme Antony has helped me through physiotherapy following a bike accident, improved my approach to nutrition and lifestyle and supported me though personal challenges by keeping me in the gym and off the sofa.


He shares his expert knowledge with me and with that he motivates me to look after myself.  I enjoy my sessions with Antony because he’s kind and funny but don’t be fooled into thinking he will give you an easy time on the gym floor – he makes you sweat it and push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of"

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