'Antony is incredibly professional and explains fully why we are doing the exercises we are, how I will benefit from them and how to continue doing them in my own time. I have had several personal trainers before but I felt I learnt more from Antony than any of the others combined.  Antony goes out of his way to allow me to train very early in the morning. Far earlier than I’m sure he likes to! He always fits around me and on occasions the nature of my job means I have to cancel a session last minute, but Antony always suggests another time in the day for me to train rather than cancel the session altogether.'

Karen Hayward 

'This is the third trainer i have used and Antony is by far the best. He is very easy to get on with and not only motivates me in the gym but also in more far reaching ways. From watching what I eat to taking enough rest. He has motivated me and I can definitely feel and see the difference.'

 Esther Grace

'Expect results - results you can see in the mirror and results that your friends will notice. Antony has a remarkable ability to inspire you to a greater level of strength and fitness than you might ever have imagined for yourself. He doesn't intimidate you or use some lame army drill technique. Each session just seems to build on the one before. I'd been going to the gym for years. I'd reached a certain plateau and had settled into a pretty stale, maintenance routine.'

Paul Church 

Antony is the perfect example of a personal trainer. He’s friendly, knows fitness inside out and has the ability to motivate and help to get the best results for you. Never pushy or in a rush- this is the kind of personalised service that others wish they could deliver. 

 Rohan McCooty

'I went to Antony wanting to gain size and muscle, with his help I reached my goals'

Perry Larson